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"The Incident" combines the engaging features of a video game with traditional elements of tabletop exercises to provide a dynamic training simulation for first responders, school faculty, religious safety teams and their leaders. This simulation helps leaders train toward, develop, and test their Emergency Action Plan and operations. Each level simulates a realistic environment to best prepare trainees for the real world. CRLT's simulations incorporate Advanced Behavior Decision Trees and Data Table integration to provide statistically accurate scenarios based on real-world case studies. The simulation offers multiple difficulty and scenario settings to create realistic incidents while providing multiple possible outcomes. Leaders will also be able to focus more on understanding the critical aspects of training and integrating responder activities. This package includes single participant and multi-participant features, a robust learning management system, and access to a customer only portal with valuable lessons learned video content. This package is a one-year subscription which includes periodic updates and content additions.

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  • Annual subscription allowing unlimited users per system
  • Single Participant
  • Multiple Participant (Up to 5 via Internet or LAN)
  • Statistically-based AI for Threats, Victims and Responders
  • Tactical Control up to Strategic Asset Management
  • Embedded Learning Management System

Recommended System Requirements
(Computer hardware not included in purchase):

  • Gaming Laptop or Desktop Computer
  • Intel i7 processor or better
  • 256 GB Storage
  • 7.5 GB Usable Disk Space
  • Mouse
  • High Speed Internet Connection